Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dad's Birthday Cookout

We had a surprise cookout for my daddy on Sunday at his house. Here he is holding Lily Bell and Aaron. His birthday is actually today. Happy birthday Daddy!

I thought these were great pics. I can show off my dad and updated pics of my babies!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Would have been 8 years today

Hi all!!

Yes I am still around. I was telling someone about the blog, and thought, ok, I better let you know I am still here. Now, I hope you haven't all forgotten me.

Life hasn't been easy since Wayne passed. I ended up losing my home to foreclosure as I am still waiting for my widows benefits from the Veterans Administration. The government gets in no hurry. I not only lost the "ol' goat", I have lost practically everything. My car is the next thing that goes.
On top of that, today, would have been our 8 year wedding anniversary.

I am living with my son Trevor, (Toad), his wife Jammie, grandson Jordan, and new grand daughter Lily. I have a little bedroom in the basement, that I lovingly refer to as "The Dungeon!" I spend lots of time with my 5 grand children. Oh, by the way, grandchild number 6 is due in January. My oldest son Travis and his bride Joanie are expecting. Their wedding pics are on here somewhere.

I have a new date for my gastric bypass surgery, it is now set for August 26th. That is if I pass all the pre-op stuff on July 28th. My nerves and frame of mind are way off kilter, so, I am just hoping that it doesn't impede my progress. My health sucks, and I need this to get myself back on track. I wanted to give up living, but I can't. Too many babies to spoil!

I plan on posting more often, so, if you are still interested in my life, keep checking in. As Arnold would say,,"I'll be back!"

Until next time,