Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bypass Reflections

I started out like a ball of fire.  I was dropping the lbs right and left.  My feet even got smaller!
Here I am 4 yrs later. Still having over 50 lbs to get rid of.
I've lost some of them only to find them again. So, weight loss surgery is no magic fix. I still have to struggle daily to not balloon back to 380 lbs.(my highest weight)

My body doesn't have the same food restrictions that many others seem to have.  I don't vomit when I eat sugar or carbs.  Sometimes I wish I did.  Sometimes I will get a little nausea but it passes to quickly.  I am back to trying to remember to track my calories, watch my fats etc etc.  All the same things I did before.

The extra skin and flab are very annoying too. Skin irritations and pain.  Yes, I could probably go thru the surgeries to have it all removed, but why? Why go thru all that pain at my old age?  If somebody doesn't like the way that I look, don't look!

That is how I feel some days.  Other days I want it all!!

Any opinions out there?

I am open to suggestions of any kind to help me get back on track.  I fought too hard to give up now.