Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Musical Food

Jammie (my son Toad's wife) called me this afternoon asking "What's for Dinner?" I told her I had to think about it, I had a bad night, health wise, and didn't sleep much. A couple hours later, Anita (my son Bub's girlfriend) called, "We are coming up for Bub to use the garage to work on the car. Whatcha cookin'?" Hmmm, I guess they were all ready for Mom's Kitchen to open up.

They know I hardly ever refuse to cook for them.So, I thought and thought about it, then called them back, "Butter bean soup, cornbread and fried taters!" They were like "AWESOME!"

Only two of my crew will not eat beans, Joanie, my newest daughter in law and Jordan, my oldest grandson.

I can remember when my 4 kids were little, it was like "Beans? YUK!" Now they just about beat my door down to get to the bean pot!

After two bad marriages, I became a single mother for about 13 years. With 4 kids, money was pretty tight. We stretched every penny until it was invisible. I always managed to keep them all fed and clothed. It wasn't an easy task, but we survived.

Beans were a staple in our pantry at that time. Throw in a skillet of fried taters and a pan of cornbread and we had a cheap, but filling meal. It has now become a comfort food around here.



We might be a "musical" bunch, but we are a happy bunch!

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  1. Our family was poor growing up and mom used to always improvise..throwing stuff together with whatever was in the cupboard. We either ate it or toss it out...Hahaha...even the dog didn't like it. Bean soup was always a favorite. Mom would buy a ham bone from the butcher...yes back then we had a "real" meat market. A couple pounds of bacon cut up, onion, celery, carrots and sometimes even potatoes...Grandma taught us a trick about the beans...while soaking them over night, toss in about 5-6 Tbls of baking soda...it really cuts back the musical fun after eating :)

    Now every Christmas get together, I get the two ham bones and leftover ham and make a gigantic pot of bean soup freezing in equal portions with some going to the folks. It's always tasty on a super cold day!!!