Friday, January 1, 2010

A new years baby!

My second granddaughter and 6th grand child, Jovie Lynn, was born today, New Years Day at 12:12pm. Weighing in at 6lbs 12 ozs and 20 inches long. Isn't she adorable? Thank you Lord, I love being a GRANNY!!!

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  1. Greetings darlin'
    Wow, what a way to start off the New Year!!!!
    Congratulations on becoming Grandma again. I'm sure your departed husband is smiling down from heaven watching you and your family. I know it must be lonely hon, but make friends and go for lunch and so glad to hear you are doing some swimming even. My sister has an outdoor pool, however, it's frozen...LOL. I will have to do
    more this summer. I am 57 and time is catching up with me. If I hadn't done drugs in high school and drank a quart a day till 26 yrs ago, I am sure my body wouldn't have aged so fast.
    Daym it's tough to get out of bed and stand and feel the weight shift. Just got done cleaning the kitchen and dining room, dust and vacuum and store all the excess groceries, finding a hole anywhere I can to put them away lately. I bought some 20 gallon plastic storage things to store all the dry stuff. I had to laugh the other day I took hubby shopping. He wanted a can of cream of shrimp and it was over 2.00. I said that is just a sample of things to come, why do you think I have been storing up? I went to CUB and prices are 10-30 cents higher than RAINBOW, so will never do that again.

    Congratulations on keeping your weight steady. You look wonderful! I wish I could look so good, it's like I am pregnant and not carrying hahaha!
    Keep the faith and keep the chin up...this year is promising to be better...

    2010...let's vote out those who voted to fund
    abortion and illegal immigrants through our health care. They will also be charging anyone who doesn't HAVE insurance around $1500.00...

    I've been busy working as secretary for a guy who is running for state representative. I think seriously, he is going to win and we are going to celebrate big time!!! It is happening all over the state...getting all new people into office...

    Well, take care...again Congratulations to you on everything. Praise God for miracles big and small....

    Love ya...Teri in Minneapolis xoxoxox