Thursday, April 29, 2010

AHS Class of 1977 Get Together

Thats me in the blue, a little smaller since our last shindig,,,LOL

Last week a few of my classmates and I got together for a little get together at a little restaurant in town. We had a fun time.

I am still so amazed by the fact that while in school, I felt that I had nothing in common and no connection to most of my class.
Today, things are so different.
they are all amazing people, and I truly enjoy their company.

Thanks again to them all for including me in these special times together!


  1. Very cool Liz. Thanks for posting the pictures.
    I know what you mean about feeling disconneted.
    It's weird for me since I moved after freshman year. But I still feel more connected to AHS than I do to the school I graduated from in California.
    I guess since I grew up in Ohio and spent most of my school years there........
    Anyway....nice photos!

  2. Yes, life takes some strange turns sometimes.
    Believe me, I have learned that hard the last year.
    Thanks for stopping by!