Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storage Ideas

Since moving from a large home to a small mobile home, storage is a real issue for me. Luckily I did rent a 3 bedroom though. Since it is just Sushi (my brat cat) and me. I am using the extra bedrooms as storage.

I have one very small bedroom right off the kitchen. Since my kitchen is very small,
there isn't much room for my kitchen gadgets and appliances, so I have been turning it into a pantry room.

I had a couple of stackable shelving units already, that I had bought previous to Wayne having shelves built in my pantry at the house. I had the boys bring them over and it is working out quite well.

I still have another to bring over to complete the room. I still have things that need to be organized, but I thought that I would at least share my main idea for now.

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