Monday, May 30, 2011

Vietnam claimed another victim on 3/26/09

Just recently learned that although my hubby made it home from Vietnam alive, it turns out that he ended up be a casualty of that awful war after all.

It seems that the government is just now recognizing that the heart disease that took his life, was indeed caused by that nasty agent orange.

He had a purple heart from being shot and paralyzed for almost a year. He was told that he would never walk again. But his stubborn marine corpe pride did not allow them to be right. He did walk again and even did another tour in Vietnam after that for a total of 4 tours in that dreadful place. He spent a total of 27 1/2 yrs in the Marines. Silver Star, Bronze Star etc.

He also suffered from PTSD from all the horrible things that he went thru in Vietnam.

He certainly was a stubborn ol' goat and had his faults, but he was a marine at heart until the day agent orange took his life. He actually retired from the Army National Guard, for which he spent 10 1/2 yrs just to get his retirement time in.

I believe he should be eligible for the medal of honor for all that he went thru and the fact that he thought that he was home safe when in reality he was not.

RIP my love SSGT E6 Wayne Lawrence Smith.

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