Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chicken/Stuffing Casserole

Dinner tonight

I have had a bit of a rough day. It is rainy, dreary and windy here in my part of Ohio today.
The dampness gets into my bones and makes "Arthur" come out to play.
When he plays, I don't do much of anything.
So for dinner tonight I just threw a quick and easy casserole into the oven.

I had some chicken that I had run through my steam juicer to make some fresh stock for canning, so I sprayed a small casserole dish with Pam Spray. I put some pieces of the chicken into the bottom and topped it with fat free low sodium cream of mushroom soup, then drained off a can of mixed veggies and poured it on top of that. I then took a package of Whole Wheat Stove Top stuffing mix and mixed it with a cup and a half of chicken stock and spread it over the veggies then topped that with a can of fat free low sodium cream of chicken soup. Bake in a 350*F oven for about an hour.

Meat, veggies and grains all in one. Leftovers go to the freezer for a quick lunch, snack or whatever. It's kind of like a pot pie without the crust.

Serve with a salad or a veggie side dish and bread and butter.

That was our dinner tonight.


  1. Sounds yummy...

    An alternative to that recipe...

    Put a box of Stove Top for Chicken (dry)
    across the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan (sprayed
    lightly with PAM)

    Layer with chicken pieces across pan

    Layer with 8 oz package of Mozerella cheese

    Layer with 16 oz frozen mixed vegetables

    Layer with 1 box Stove Top for Chicken again

    Mix together 1 can each cream mushroom, celery, chicken and chicken broth with 1 can milk and pour over all of it till soaks through to the bottom

    Bake about an hour at 350

    Take out of oven and
    Top with 8 oz of Shredded Cheddar Cheese and
    1 cup of Parmesan cheese (grated kind)

    Bake another half hour, serve while cheese
    is still warm...

    I make a tossed salad and jello parfait cups to go with it...quite filling

    You can cut recipe in half and use 8 x 8 pan
    other than a 9 x 13...

    You can substitute turkey for the chicken
    and Stove top for turkey instead of chicken...

    If your family doesn't like mixed veg's than
    just use either corn or green beans

    If you are allergic to mushrooms don't use the cream mushroom soup, use turkey gravy

    Enjoy! For quick and easy cleanup soak pan overnight with 2 fabric softener dryer sheets.