Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chicken Stock

Home Canned Chicken Stock

This was my project today. I pressure canned 5 pints and 8oz of homemade chicken stock that was left from the 10lbs of chicken that I juiced in my new steam juicer. I used some of the chicken in last nights casserole the rest went to the freezer for quick fix meals.

Homemade stock is so much better than store bought, because, you can control the amount of salt and other additives. It is much healthier this way. You can add carrots, celery and onion as you are boiling or steaming also for added nutrients and taste.

I used a steam juicer, which I will explain in more detail on another post. However, you can also just boil your chicken with water in a large stockpot until it falls of the bone. You then strain your stock from the chicken, let it cool and refrigerate overnight. The next day, you skim the fat from the top, bring to a boil and put into containers for freezing or for pressure canning. Pressure can quarts at 20 minutes, pints for 10 minutes at 10lb pressure for my altitude, check for the correct pressure for your altitude.

Now for the chicken, remove skin and bones and either put in freezer containers add stock back to it and freeze or pressure can it the same as the stock alone.

I am canning stock alone for now as I will be on a liquid diet for quite some time because of my weight loss surgery. I want to know that when I am drinking my meals that I am putting healthy stuff back into my body to help with my healthy new lifestyle.


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