Thursday, February 5, 2009


My oldest son on his wedding day. Ain't he a handsome little bugger?? Isn't his wife beautiful??

Travis is a successful business owner. His specialty is ICE CREAM! Yes, I did say ice cream. He is known as The Ice Cream Man around our area. He has the ice cream truck and everything. He owns a Mister Softee franchise. He spends his summers providing sweet treats to all the kiddies young and old!

A few years ago, before the ol' goat and I met. I was having some health issues and was unable to work. I still had my 2 youngest kids at home. I was having serious financial difficulties but Travis stepped up to the plate. He helped me out in any way he could. He helped me pay my rent, he bought school clothes and helped provide Christmas gifts for his brother and sister. He is amazing!

Note to son: You are a wonderful man. I want you to be happy in all you do.
You are my first born and I couldn't have chosen anyone better. I love you more and more each day. Mom

Ok, I better sign off for now as I dry my tears.
Until next time,

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