Friday, February 6, 2009

Trevor (Toad)

Today, I would like you to meet son number 2. Trevor, or as we call him "Toad".
This picture was taken in front of my Christmas tree in '07. It includes his beautiful wife Jammie and his son, my first grandson, Jordan. They are expecting my first granddaughter, Lily, in early April. They are great parents and Jordan is sharp as a tack!

Everyone has always called Toad a mama's boy, (bet he hates me writting this here), because when he was little I couldn't even go to the bathroom without him crying for me. He still checks in on me about every day. We had a 3 day power outage recently and he came every day to make sure we had gas for the generator and helped us with blocking off one room so we could at least have a little heat. Thats what happens in an all electric home, but we have just taken care of that by adding a gas heater, and gas cook cook stove inside. He works just up the road from us, so he is close by most of the time.

Note to Toad: You were my smallest baby, now you are my tallest. I am so proud of you for the things you do to be such a great daddy and provide the best that you can for your family. Be happy in all you do. I love you more and more each day.

I'm tearing up again so,
Until next time,

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