Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chicken Stock

Tomorrow is Easter. Today I am cooking some things for two family dinners.
So, I have my chicken stock started for a big ol' double batch of homemade noodles.
I got my stockpot going and now I am sitting here sipping on my protein shake for the morning.

Don't forget that I don't cook just weight loss surgery friendly stuff. I have a big family and they love Mom's home cooking. If I let a family dinner go by without making my noodles, I believe there would be a mutiny!

My noodles are something else that I need to thank my former mother in law Ellen for, along with my crochet.
You see my first marriage was at the ripe old age of 17! Well, 1 month before I turned 18, but still a dumb kid.
I knew nothing about nothing, but thought I knew it all. My mother in law gave me some good instruction and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

Chicken Stock

Big pot of water,
chicken, in this instance I used chicken leg quarters
carrots, onions and celery (of which I forgot to include pics)
salt and pepper

Let boil until chicken is tender and falling off the bones.
remove chicken from the pot, strain, making sure you get all the veggies and pieces of bone out of your stock, but reserve all your liquid.
Allow chicken to cool, then pick the meat from the bones, tossing bones, fat and skin.

Chicken can be used in other recipes so I usually bag and freeze the extra.
Sometimes I pressure can my stock for later use in other recipes or I put it into freezer containers and freeze. I think there is a post of that here under the "Canning" label.

When making noodles, I put some of the chicken back into the stock and bring it back up to a boil before adding the noodle dough.

I will add another post after bit as I get the noodles made and the finished product going.

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