Sunday, May 2, 2010

A BIG Reminder

I ran across this picture last night.
This was taken 2 yrs ago this month at a gathering that I put together with my husband for his 1962 high school graduating class. It was the first time they had gotten together in all those years.
I remember I was exhausted when this was taken. Now that I am looking back, I can certainly see why. This was my highest weight, a whopping 350 something pounds!
Every once in a while I feel like I am not making any progress. I still feel huge sometimes. Like I had the surgery for nothing.
Finding this picture kinda puts me in a different frame of mind. I look at it and compare it to some of the newer ones. Now I can see how big I really was.
Perhaps I should have a wall size poster made of this. That's what they do on The Biggest Loser. Hang it on my wall to remind me daily of just how far I have come after all.


  1. Liz, Keep your chin up and place one foot in front of the other until you've won your battle!!!

  2. hey Liz,love your blog you have worked really hard,I'm so proud of you,you are very organized....very impressive got to resent past word so i can follow you have a great day..ttys
    Deborah Finley Henry,

  3. Thanks Deborah! And Anonymous, whomever you may be!