Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spicy Brown Mustard Chicken Tenders

I once saw a recipe for spicy brown mustard coated chicken breasts.
Of course when I went to find it again, I couldn't. So tonight I came up with my own version. If I step on any ones toes here, it is totally unintended. I just don't know who to give the credit to for the original.

With my surgery eating plan, chicken is one of my main protein sources. But, it is so hard cooking for one. I buy and freeze my meats into individual portions. When I decide what I want that night I just thaw and prepare. Of course, it is also a lot cheaper to buy family packs too. So, my freezer is usually stocked.

I have also found that these new Steamfresh fresh frozen veggies are a good choice for me. I don't have to worry about fresh vegetables going to waste before I can use them. Tonight I used the lightly sauced broccoli with cheese sauce. A one cup serving has 2 grams of fat of which only 1 is saturated fat, 60 calories plus 2 grams of protein. So, I don't even feel bad because of the cheese sauce.
There is about 3 servings per bag. So, I have my veggies ready to just heat and eat for a snack or lunch tomorrow too.

Here is how I made the chicken tenders.
I took a non stick baking pan sprayed it with cooking spray.
I used 2 tenders, which equaled approx. 4 ounces. I coated them in about a tablespoon of the spicy brown mustard, and then dredged them in seasoned bread crumbs. I melted about a half tablespoon of butter and the juice from half a lemon and drizzled it onto both sides of the chicken and then re dredged them in the breadcrumbs. I baked at 350* for 30 minutes turning them over at the halfway mark.

I can't promise that my numbers are correct, but this is what I got from a calorie calculator.

1 Serving
Calories 254.4
Total Fat 6.7 g
Saturated Fat 3.2
Total Carbohydrate 19.9 g
Dietary Fiber 1.4 g
Sugars 1.8 g
Protein 23.7 g

That makes my dinner at about 315 calories, 8.7 g of fat,(yeah, a little higher than my usual 6 g.) and 25.7 g of protein.

It may not be right but I can live with it. It tastes good too, and that's a plus for me these days.

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