Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Weather

Ohio winters are so unpredictable.
One week it's like a spring day. The next we have snow and ice and freezing temps.
Today there was no school for the grand kids. Hectic day in my house for sure!
They wanted to go out to play in the snow but the temp was just too cold. Plus, they are fighting colds.
It is no wonder they are sick. It's hard to dress them from day to day not know what the weather is going to bring that day.
It's ever harder as the kids don't seem to feel the cold the same way I do.
The freezing temps just make my bones and joints scream in pain. While the kids will sneak off their coats or shoes when is solid ice outside and run around like it's a hot summer day.
We catch them in the act get them back into the heated house and they complain it's too hot in here.
Ah. I remember those days. How wonderful it would be to be that innocent and agile again. If I could just borrow a quarter of that energy. I too could enjoy the snow along with my babies.
But alas, here I sit wrapped in a blanket with a heating pad on my back. Cursing the cold Ohio weather for the way it makes me feel.
Come summer; I shall be cursing the hot Ohio heat. Guess I just can't be pleased in my old age. LOL

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