Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shavona (Sis)

My one and only daughter, Shavona, with her boys Austin who is now 18 months old and Chase who is now 4. This picture was Christmas 07. Very few pictures got taken this year of anyone, I still don't know why. Usually 4 or 5 camera's are popping off everywhere.

What can I say about the little girl that I wanted so very badly? I love her more than life.
Although she can be a problem child at times, and does not believe how much I love her. Right now she is going through some tough times, but, I have faith that God is going to work it out.
As a mother you never give up.

Note to daughter: I love you Sis, more than you know or believe. I just have to step back and let you live your life the way you think you need to. Just know, that I DO care, I DO love you and I DO want you in my life. Keep working on your problems and life will turn around for you. Hang on to the love of those babies, they will get you through anything. Know that they need you to be the best that you can be. Know that I need you. Mom

Until next time,

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