Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day Treat

I wanted to create a treat for the ol' goat for St Patty's Day. I also wanted to thank him for waiting on me for 6 hours today while I went through all my pre-op testing.
I knew I had this in the pantry. So I thought, "Hmmm, chocolate dipped strawberries? How about white chocolate dipped strawberries? Oh better yet, green dipped strawberries!!"
So I melted the white chocolate melts with just a bit of water to loosen it up and added some green food coloring.

This is my finished product. Hey, I am no fancy smancy chef here! They might be a bit rustic looking but my hubby was tickled "green" to get them!

1 comment:

  1. Liz,

    You been a busy girl :)

    I'll be thinking about you getting ready for this surgery. I know it is scary, but I know you will do well. Best wishes from Marietta.

    Tony B