Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surgery Update

Surgery went well. On Tuesday I had a few minor complications but nothing major. I was released on Wednesday.
They weighed me the day after surgery and there was an extra 7lbs from IV fluids, swelling, etc. As of today I have lost that 7lbs plus 10 more lbs gone.
I got out of the house yesterday for a bit, I went up to visit Wayne's memorial bench up close to our former home. That was not easy, but its my way of visiting him, ya know?
I went to the grocery to pick up a couple small things just to be able to get out and do a litlle walking and to the drugstore to buy a new scale. My old one died and I just had to know if I had made any progress yet,,,
All in all, everything is going along smoothly for now.
Still fighting with the VA to get things settled so money is still nill, but my dad and kids are my saviors for now.
Always, Liz

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